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Effectmakers BMS is a software solution for Business planning and Trade promotion management. The solution is simple and easy to implement, yet it gives you powerful functionality for planning and improving your business.

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Key account management made easy

BMS integrates trade promotion management, business planning, and business tracking.

The system is built to support the main processes around key account management for CPG companies.

BMS provides you with full P&L insights in every part of the system. This helps you improve your decision making based on accurate P&L information.

The system is easily linked up with your existing systems. Master data and actual sales can be loaded from your ERP system. Promotion plan, listing, and prices can be sent to your field sales system - and forecast delivered to demand planning.

 Build around processes    Best practice    Full P&L insight    Easy integration with other systems (ERP, Field sales, demand planning etc.)

Integrated planning and tracking

The easy and flexible planning boards are a focal point of BMS. Although the monochrome and grid-like appearance - it gives you all the information you need to analyse, plan and track your business.

You can work on aggregated levels and easily dive into the details you need. You can make your input separated into the baseline, launches, returns, costs and even promotions directly on the board.

When you do your pre-budget you can easily compare with past actuals and the target you have set. All year will be visible.

The flexibility is endless - but it's still quite easy to set up the boards to match your business. The setup is defined centrally by a superuser, but the users can define as many different views on top as needed to carry out both daily and period work with ease.

 Flexible planning levels    Planning & tracking in one screen    Input in streams (baseline, launch, promotion, etc.)   Easy copy & paste from/to excel

Trade promotion planning

The TPM module in BMS lets you plan individual trade promotions on specific products. The module contains the full life cycle of the promotions from planning, pre-evaluation, execution support, settlement and post evaluation.

When you plan the promotions you can define the intended mechanisms for the promotion to support a full promotion post-analysis across all your promotions. It's linked to your baseline to enable calculation of cannibalization.

The planning is done with all details on the forecast, delivery time and allowances. Several sets of allowances. If you re-run a similar promotion at a later time or several times, you can use the one-click copy for a fast duplication of the promotion. Also, you can mass edit multiple promotions.

 Full lifecycle process support    Promotional mechanics    One-click copy    Pre- and post evaluation with full P&L insight 

Promotion overview

In BMS you get the best overview of your promotions.

With the promotion calendar, you can easily check for collapses between customers and the general promotion pressure. Each promotion is shown with brand color code and profile indicator. Moving promotions can be done with drag-and-drop and you can access the full details with one click.

In addition, in promotion list, you have access to a list based view with all the needed information to easily apply sorting to find best/worst promotions and filter your results for a deep insight.

 Promotions calendar with drag-and-drop    List view to analyse with top lists and criteria    Color code by brand    Workflow support

Reporting and analytics

Full company and user specific customizable reporting analytical capabilities. Thus, reporting can fit to your business - not the other way around.

With the built-in functionality, you can design reports and dashboards based on building blocks for P&L views, tables, graphs & traffic lights.

You can also access all your data through Excel using Microsoft Cube technology for ad-hoc analysis and to build your company-specific standard reports.

 Built-in reporting    Easy to use building blocks for dashboards    Excel support through cubes and Pivot