Take a closer look at BMS benefits and functions

Effectmakers BMS is an online software tool for Business planning and Trade promotion management. The solution is easy to implement, yet it gives you powerful functionality for planning and improving your business.


It is not just your KAM’s and sales supporters who will reap the benefits when using BMS. The overview, the deeper insights and enhanced forecasting capability will create daily value for your controllers, field sales, supply chain and management.

Your KAM’s and sales supporters get a powerfull tool for their daily work

With Effectmakers Business Management System (BMS) all promotions will be calculated with full commercial P&L at the time of creation. This enables the Manager to review the investment before the promotion is proposed to the customer. Furthermore, the post evaluation will increase the understanding and create the foundation for profitable promotions in the future.


Accurate accruals, full P&L insight down to SKU by client by SKU

Supply chain

Daily updated forecast from sales on SKU’s and displays in Excel or integrated into the forecast system

Field sales

Listing and promotion overview reports or integrated directly into your field sales system


Fast and easy implementation of professional planning, daily updated top management reporting from an organization based on facts

Customer Business planning and Trade promotion management

Trade Promotion Management (TPM) is considered a major challenge for most supplier companies. In fact, a challenge that can be costly on the bottom line.

Manage business in BMS

In BMS your P&L is updated real time. This lets you be up to date with the newest figures to be able to react towards any negative changes.

BMS offers strong facilities to manage your business: Dashboards, reports and even MS Cube analyse for easy access to all information in BMS. Use these functionalities to track and analyse performance within your company.

Use tables, graphs, and traffic lights to create your own dashboard as shared “front page” of the system, or you can use a default BMS dashboard instead.
Get a full overview of your customers’ profitability. Create a P&L based on customers, products and promotions.

All relevant departments in your company will always be updated about sales plans.
Use Microsoft Analysis Service (Cube) for advanced reporting needs.

Create promotions - with full transparency!

It takes few minutes to create a promotion in BMS.

You will immediately see the financial result of the promotion based on the given trade terms and promotional costs.
Define tactics of your promotion. What is the promotion purpose, type, and media?

BMS contains both a promotion list and a promotion calendar to get an overview of all your promotions across your customers. You can easily copy promotions or move them with the drag and drop functionality in the promotion calendar.
BMS allows you to settle promotions before running them. When they are over, you can evaluate them. Based on your evaluations, you can improve your promotion decisions in the future.

Promotion overview

Get an overview of your promotions either through the promotion list or the calendar. Both provide you with a visual overview to better keep control of the promotions. In this way, you can easier see overlaps between promotions.

BMS also lets you color code your different promotions, and you can use the drag and drop functionality to move promotions to a new period in the promotion calendar.
You are able to export the promotion list to Excel.

Manage planning boards

Planning boards are easy to build in BMS. In planning boards, you can do all your planning, like, baseline, forecast, actuals, returns, other costs, discounts, transaction costs, and much more.

It is easy to create planning masks, group level total, and grand totals to get a visual overview of the different products for your customers.

Define how you want to set up your planning board, and what values you want to plan on.
You can create different sections of planning boards in one board. In this way, you have the different product groups collected one place.

The setup of the planning board can be done in hundreds of different ways and combinations. It offers flexibility, accuracy, ease of use and high operational quality.

Planning boards can be used from B2B to B2C relationships, thus this function can work for both fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and for durable goods.

Planning boards offer the possibility for planning from promotion level (e.g. supermarket offers) to periodic offers (e.g. discount on contract for a big purchase of heavy-duty vehicles from a municipality, or, a catering's offer on a long-term contract with an organization's restaurant).