Take a closer look at Effectmakers BMS

Effectmakers BMS is a 5th generation online software tool for Business planning and Trade promotion management. The solution is simple and easy to implement, yet it gives you powerful functionality for planning and improving your business.


We are confident that BMS will not only benefit your company, but also provide your KAMs, controllers, sales, supply chain, and management with an efficient, easy and effective tool. The improved overview, deep insights, and enhanced forecasting capability will create a great value for your whole business planning team.



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Customer Business planning

BMS offers strong facilities to manage your business: Dashboards, reports and even MS Cube analysis for easy access to all information in BMS. Use these functionalities to track and analyse performance within your company.

You have full control of all your customers, all master data and products.

Use tables, graphs, and traffic lights to create your own dashboard as shared “front page” of the system, or you can use a default BMS dashboard instead.

Get a full overview of your customers’ profitability. Create a P&L based on customers, products and promotions.

BMS provides you with full P&L insights in every part of the system. These are instantly updated upon any changes you make and help you improve your decisions through evaluation based on accurate P&L information.

  Accurate accruals      Full P&L insight       Accurate forecast        Easy integration with other systems (ERP, CRM, SAP, Field sales etc.)

Trade promotions - with full transparency!

Trade Promotion Management is considered a major challenge for most supplier companies. In fact, it is a challenge that can be costly, if not handled correctly.

With BMS, you get the full picture right away and it only takes a few minutes to create a promotion.

You will immediately see the financial result of the promotion based on the given trade terms and promotional costs.

You can easily copy and move promotions as well as edit dates, delivery, products, baseline, and promotion detail. This can be done directly from the Promotion list and Promotion calendar.

In BMS you can settle promotions before running them.

With BMS, all promotions will be calculated with full commercial P&L at the time of creation. This enables the manager to review the investment before the promotion is proposed to the customer. Furthermore, the post evaluation will increase the understanding and create the foundation for profitable promotions in the future.

In BMS, you can import Actuals and optimize the evaluation of your promotions.

 Easy promotion creation      Bulk & mass edit        Full P&L insight      Accurate financial overview    Post evaluation      Easy import & export  

Promotion overview

Get an overview of your promotions either through the promotion list or the promotion calendar. Both provide the user with a visual overview of the promotions for the best control of them. In this way, you can easier identify overlaps between promotions.

BMS also lets you color code your different promotions, and you can use the drag and drop functionality to move promotions to a new period in the promotion calendar.

You are able to export the promotion list to Excel.

You can add fixed and variable allowances, baseline effect, delivery details, and more if necessary. BMS automatically calculates provisions for the variable and fixed promotion allowances on your promotions. You will always have control over your commitments.

When the promotion has ended, you can evaluate it by comparing your forecasted sales during the promotion based on your actual sales.

 Color code promotions      Fixed and variable allowances        Copy promotions with one click      Easy import and export       Easy evaluation 

Planning boards

Planning boards are easy to build in BMS. In planning boards, you can do all your planning, like, baseline, forecast, actuals, returns, other costs, discounts, transaction costs, and much more.

It is easy to create planning masks, group level total, and grand totals to get a visual overview of the different products for your customers.

You can create different sections of planning boards in one board. In this way, you have the different product groups collected one place.

The setup of the planning board can be done in hundreds of different ways and combinations. It offers flexibility, accuracy, ease of use and high operational quality.

Planning boards offer the possibility for planning from promotion level (e.g. supermarket offers) to periodic offers (e.g. discount on contract for a big purchase of heavy-duty vehicles from a municipality, or, a catering's offer on a long-term contract with an organization's restaurant).

As long as you have defined the planning board structure and content you can start doing your planning from customer down to SKU level.

  Easy board structure setup       Highly configurable       User specific security setup       User specific security setup