Implementation methods

There are two approaches of how to implement BMS in your company. We offer Enterprise and Assisted Implementation methods, where the one for you depends on the company size, complexity, timing and strength of your team.

If you prefer to do most of the implementation yourself you can follow our Assisted implementation method. However, big corporations tend to follow the Enterprise implementation method, where both parties work together on the implementation project. 

Method: Assisted

The Assisted method requires you to lead the implementation project. During the process you need to ensure that you have set up BMS to match your business and support the planning approaches you use. The user training will be your responsibility as well, while we provide you with a strong documentation library. Feel free to exploit our e-mail and phone support to get general advice during the process.

Company manages the implementation

Workshops can be purchased at additional cost

Standard interfaces

No implementation expenditure

Phone and e-mail support

Method: Enterprise Implementation

By purchasing the Enterprise implementation, we will manage the whole implementation process starting with early pre-analysis meetings and finishing with user training. The Enterprise implementation project is fitted specifically for your company and usually includes the following services: project management, workshops, process descriptions, system configuration, interfaces/data mapping support, data validation etc.

Effectmakers manages the implementation

User training included

Customized and standard interfaces

Project-specific price

Phone and e-mail support


To start the implementation, follow the steps below:


1 Sign up for a free trial
2 Configure the system using the documentation library as your primary support source
3 Instruct your end users to start using BMS



Enterprise implementation

To initiate the Enterprise implementation, please sign up and we will get to you shortly.
Every project is special, but we usually follow the following steps:

1 Pre-analysis meetings to define scope of project and resources needed
2 Sign implementation offer and project plan
3 Several workshops to define processes, use of BMS and interfaces
4 We configure your BMS to meet the defined requirements
5 Validation workshops, test and super user training
6 End user training

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Enterprise implementation cover?

This is us helping you getting BMS up and running. Based on a pre-analysis workshop we will make a detailed plan and total budget specific to your company on how to get you started with BMS. The plan usually contains elements like who is doing what, project management, scope-definition, time plan, additional workshops, process descriptions, system configuration, interfaces/data mapping support, data validation, key-user training and end-user training.



What kind of support can I expect?

BMS comes with full support packages covering simple implementation support, end user support, interface support and server operational support.

Our official service level agreement is ”Next Business Day”, but we usually answer all questions the same day. In case of urgency, you can get in touch with us by phone.

For Enterprise implementations, we offer a 4 hour response time. Our phone is open for support questions from 9 to 16 CET on all weekdays.



Can we have an on-premise BMS solution?

If your software policy does not allow for a SaaS solution, we can provide you with an on-premise solution (does not apply for the 2-month free trial period!). Should you prefer to host BMS on premise after the trial period, we will ask you for a VPN access to your BMS server. This is necessary for our maintenance and support.



How long time will an Enterprise implementation take?

The implementation time can vary from 2 to 6 months depending on your company size and ambitions.