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Effectmakers is looking for partners to sell and implement our TPx solution

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United Kingdom


Are You our new Partner?

Effectmakers believe, that the time to expand our business and find international business partners who will be responsible for sales, implementation, account management and be first point of contact to the customer, are finally here.

The partner must have a very strong knowledge of the CPG/Consumer Packaged Goods market in their local area, has a strong network/ability to get in contact with decisions makers (medium and large companies) and a clear understanding of Business Management Systems and Trade Promotion Management.

The typical partner could be a VAR (value added retailer) or Consultant House who already has contact to relevant decision makers (CEO, CFO, Sales Directors etc.) and is experienced in selling business optimization software to larger companies within the CPG market.

The 3 phases; Sales, implementation and Operations

The Sales phase must be driven by the partner. The partner will be responsible for identifying relevant customers within their geographical area, develop the sales strategy, first contact to the customer, customer follow-up and the on-going sales process.

When the customer decides to implement or try BMS for 2 months free of charge, they must sign the 2-month evaluation license. This will give the customer the rights to use BMS for evaluation, implementation and even production usage.

After the 2 months’ trial the customer must decide to stop the trial or continue and sign a contract with Effectmakers.

Free trial phase

In the free trial phase, Effectmakers will provide the necessary BMS access and provide the customer with a standard interface.
EffectMakers will make sure the interfaces and system is operational at all times.

The implementation project model is decided by the partner and customer. This can in principle be very simple like the DIY approach – or it can be an enterprise implementation with full support from the partner’s consultants.

Not only will the partner receive a kick-back for each BMS solution sold, the partner has a unique business opportunity to offer and sell implementation, consultancy for pre-analysis, project management, data management, training or hands-on implementation help etc. directly to the customer.

After Go-live/Operations it will be up to the Partner to follow-up and perform on-going account management.

The figure describes who is doing what in which phases.