Software for Business Planning and
Trade Promotion Management

Enterprise ready
User friendly
Easy implementation
Low cost of ownership

NEWS September 2017. Effectmakers signs contract with new Enterprise customer in Austria. READ MORE HERE

Effectmakers BMS is the dedicated software tool for managing Trade Promotions. Create promotions, run the promotion with full insight, settle the promotion and learn from the promotion. All integrated in one single system.

Implement the software

BMS is easy to implement in any FMCG company and integrates smoothly with your existing systems.

Start to work smarter

BMS is praised for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Getting started is uncomplicated and working with BMS will quickly become a daily routine.

Create better results

It is realistic to expect an improvement of your net margin with 1 %-point as you increase ROI and gain competitive advantage.

Benefits and functions

It is not just your KAM’s and sales supporters who will reap the benefits when using BMS. The overview, the deeper insights and enhanced forecasting capability will create daily value for your controllers, field sales, supply chain and management.

Simple but powerful tool for your daily work.
Your KAM’s and sales supporters get a simple but powerful tool for their daily work. BMS is a full blown customer business planning solution, where you can plan e.g. baseline sales, promotion sales, budget simulations – everything integrated with your ERP solution.


Accurate accruals, full P&L insight down to SKU by client.

Field sales

Listing and promotion overview reports or integrated directly into their field sales system.

Supply chain

Daily updated forecast from sales on SKU and displays in Excel or integrated into the forecast system.


Fast and easy implementation of professional planning, daily updated top management reporting from an organization based on facts.