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What is BMS?

BMS is a  tool that will make business planning, promotions, launches and sales reporting an easy task. We focus on delivering a powerful business planning solution that is simple, smart, and user-friendly. Our system provides all the functionality your organisation needs for successful business planning and trade promotion management. Learn more.


Who is BMS for?

BMS is for professional CPG companies across different industries and geographic locations. To take full advantage of the system, our clients have a strong team of key account managers and business support staff that can use the software to its fullest. BMS works well for result oriented companies who seek to optimize their financial results and are ready to implement the right business tools to make it happen. Learn more about our clients. 


There are different approaches on how to implement BMS as your business tool:
Enterprise implementation – Aimed at large enterprises that seek project management services provided by our team. 
Assisted implementation – This method makes our software more accessible for small and mid-sized companies. You manage the implementation process and we provide you with ressources needed. Discover more about our implementation methods.


Although BMS can work as a standalone system, it can also be integrated with existing systems, like e.g. SAP, FuturMaster and CatMan Solution. It’s easy to automatically load your ERP master data (products, prices, sales) into BMS by implementing our standard interface formats. Learn more.

Free demo

We offer you a free demo to get the full overview of what BMS solution offers. Contact us at and request your demo. No commitment is required.


To garantee a great user experience we offer a huge documentation library that covers everything from the very basics to super-user procedures. 
Among the documents you will find BMS Introduction, Getting Started, a big variety of Quick-guides and technical reference. Explore our support page.