Promotion Starter for CatMan Solution

Effectmakers has made a special edition of the popular BMS Trade Promotion Management system for CatMan Solution. The system is called Promotion Starter for CatMan and provides an easy promotion planning and upload to CatMan Solution.

Work with Promotions

Promotion Starter for CatMan is a downscaled edition of Effectmakers BMS and is targeted at CatMan Solution users only. The software provides an easy promotion planning and upload to CatMan Solution.

What can you do?

Promotion Starter allows you to Create a promotion. In order to create a promotion you need to define products and customers. The more detailed information you enter in BMS the more accurate promotion results you will get out of the system.

The promotion list gives an overview of promotions created. By using visual planning calendar, you can drag and drop, move and copy promotions.

Master data is the key business information that is entered into BMS. Master data includes prices, products, customers and listings. The system reuses the master data, so they only need to be added once. This increases effectiveness and eliminates typing errors.

For more specific information about what you can do and how to do it -please download the Getting Started guide. This guide is all you need in order to get started with BMS and understand how the system works. Find it below.

Effectmakers and CatMan Solution have worked close together for several years and understand the Trade Promotion market and the customer's needs. This is also why the Promotion Starter for CatMan was launched; To obtain synergy and to give CatMan customers a quick and in-expensive look at the Effectmakers BMS basic features.

How to order ?

You can use the below link to go to the sign up form.
Fill out your data, "Tick" the free trial box and click "send". Follow the instructions.
The first 2 months after sign-up is considered a free trial and will not be invoiced.

Can I upgrade to the full BMS edition?

Yes - You can always upgrade to another BMS edition if you need more features and flexibility.

Your investment

The price for Promotion Starter for CatMan is DDK 25.000/year. This fee includes the license and up to 10 users. Software updates and hosting are included in the base license.

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It’s all about Data Quality

by Kenneth Codam, CatMan®Solution, 2017
"Data validity is Crucial - Everybody agrees that promotion data requires clear definitions and consensus among the involved. BUT in reality, very often, we experience data slack and inconsistency which makes it impossible to use and work with the data."

Promotion period

"It is crucial that the start date and the finishing date is correct and 100% aligned with the actual time when the promotion (the promotion price) is running at store level. If not - All promotion calculation will be wrong."

Promotion status

"Promotion status could be Planned, Approved, Settled (available on the Basic, Advance, Enterprise editions of BMS) or Deleted. It is important that you are aware of the consequences of the three stages working with POS data.
If a planned promotion is not accepted it is important to delete the promotion. Otherwise, it will end up being analyzed as an accepted or even as settled as all POS data related to the promotion are date driven."

Promotion type and mechanics

"Having clearly defined and agreed on promotion types and mechanics related to your business - Will allow you and your organization to build up a strong platform of knowledge, when it comes to optimizing future promotion tactics and strategies.

Using POS data to evaluate and analyze promotions also gives you a unique opportunity to understand the promotion key drivers to success. It is up to you and your company to decide which promotion variable you want to be able to track. To utilize the opportunity, you need to define a series of unique type of promotions and promotion mechanics".