Enterprise implementation is made to satisfy the highest requirements and needs, when it comes to business planning. We provide you with professional implementation, custom interfaces, training and much more. Follow the steps below to get started.

How do I start ?

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We will contact you during the next couple of workdays. If you want to explore the system, you can do so in the meantime. By signing up you get access to our free trial automatically. You will receive more information by e-mail within minutes. 



  Meet us 


Our cooperation begins with a series of pre-analysis meetings. During the meetings, we will gather the information required and define the scope of the project. 




  See BMS in action with your business 


Based on the information collected, Effectmakers will present you with a Proof of Concept (PoC) by setting up a system with your business data. 



  Evaluate the project 


We have come so far in the process and by now we want you to have a clear project proposal at your hands. The custom project will be created in a close cooperation with you considering your needs, and remarks to the PoC. 


What is next?

We believe that after the four steps above you will have everything you need to make your decision.
If you decide to stay with us, we will adjust the project plan according to your feedback and make an agreement.


If you have questions please feel free to contact our support.

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